Driver Hits House, Runs Away

If you listen to politicians these days, a great many of them seem to be happily capable of living in their own reality. Maybe it’s catching. At around 2:00 am on Friday, February 15th, the driver of a vehicle crashed into a garage next to a residence near Ciceter Road and Hollybrook Lane in the Mt. Houston area of northeast Harris County, then hopped out of the car and ran away. The 82-year-old woman who lives there was awakened by a loud bang and she ran outside to see what had happened. She found her garage door smashed in, a large corner of her brick-veneer ripped open and a big patch of bricks all over the yard…and the driver’s vehicle still sitting right there. After Harris County Sheriff’s deputies arrived on the scene, several neighbors told them who the fleeing driver is and a search of the vehicle’s license plate showed it registered to that person, who lives less than a mile from the crash site. Deputies are in the process of locating the driver and when he or she is caught, there will be several criminal charges filed.

Good job there, bucko! And, man was it ever clever for you to run away and avoid the consequences of this whole mess…. Uhhhmmmmm, except, oh yeah, wait… you left your car behind and all the neighbors know you!!! Either this person was totally toasted when the wreck happened or you gotta shake your head at what the person could have possibly been thinking. In that old separate reality, running away must have seemed like a very clever idea. Unfortunately, in this reality, I don’t think that plan is going to work out so well.

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