Deaf Man Dies in Apartment Fire

At about 11:30 pm on Thursday, January 10th, neighbors in the Glen Willow Apartments complex located on South Post Oak Road and Willowbend Blvd. in southwest Houston noticed heavy smoke pouring out of a second floor unit occupied by a deaf man, age presently unknown. Two neighbors tried to break down the man’s door to let some smoke out and rescue him, but they were turned back by flames and intense heat. HFD firefighters arrived to find the unit heavily engulfed in fire and they were told about the man being trapped inside. Once into the apartment, the firefighters found the man unconscious in a back bedroom. He was pulled out of the fire, given CPR and flown by Life Flight to an area hospital, but shortly after arrival he was pronounced dead of smoke inhalation.

According to numerous witnesses at the scene, the deceased victim, who wore a hearing aid, was very popular in the complex and in fact a large birthday party was being planned for him when he died. He was known for dancing, cracking jokes and making people happy. But, now, instead of a party for him, neighbors are sadly planning his funeral. According to HFD investigators, the fire appears to have started in the apartment’s kitchen, but investigation continues as to its actual cause.

If you or a loved one live in an apartment complex and have any sort of limitation, impediment or disability, it is imperative that you have proper alarms to alert you to emergency situations so that you can react in a timely way and reach a safe place. And, if you or a loved one is ever injured in circumstances like this tragic incident, please consider calling us. We have dealt with such events for a long time and we can be sure your rights are properly protected.