Crash Kills Pedestrian, Injures Passenger

According to Humble Police officers, a Ford Mustang driven by an adult male was entering the northbound main lanes of I-59 at Townsen in Humble around 1:30 am on Wednesday, October 24th, when he suddenly came upon a pedestrian walking in the traffic lane directly ahead of him. The driver was unable to stop or avoid hitting the pedestrian and the impact smashed in the passenger side front end of the Mustang, shattering the windshield, injuring a passenger in the front seat of the vehicle, and instantly killed the pedestrian. The Mustang’s driver stopped immediately after the collision, and stayed until police arrived. He was cooperative and the officers reported that he was not speeding and had not been drinking. Therefore, no criminal charges are anticipated. The northbound freeway lanes were closed for a few hours to allow first responders to take the injured passenger to an area hospital for treatment of relatively minor injuries, remove the deceased victim’s remains, clear the wreckage and complete an on-sight investigation, but all lanes have since reopened. The Humble Police will continue the investigation, which will include routine toxicology test results from the victim’s autopsy to determine if there was a substance-related or medical reason for the deceased pedestrian’s odd behavior before the crash.

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