Constable’s Deputy Injured in Crash

At about 3:45 am on Friday, August 24th, a deputy of the Harris County Precinct 5 Constable was seriously injured in a collision which occurred while he was driving to work in his private vehicle. According to Harris County Sheriff’s deputies on the scene, when the injured deputy entered the intersection of Louetta Road and Kuykendahl Road near Spring, his vehicle was t-boned by an SUV traveling north on Kuykendahl driven by an adult female. The deputy’s vehicle was hit with such force that the driver’s side door was blown open and he was thrown from the vehicle. First responders arrived to find him unconscious on the ground and he was rushed by ambulance to an area hospital in critical condition. He is hopefully expected to survive. The woman driving the SUV was unhurt in the crash and deputies found marijuana in her vehicle and she was determined to be high and was arrested. One of the drivers ran the intersection’s red light and investigation continues to determine whom it was. Once that is completed, the woman faces several criminal charges.

If you or a loved one is ever injured in a collision like this one, please consider calling us. We have dealt with such incidents for decades and we are very good at sorting out the details and insuring that irresponsible folks are held properly accountable for the harm they cause.