Collision Kills Alleged Drunk Driver

At about 4:30 am on Monday, September 24th, the adult male driver of a small SUV entered the westbound lanes of Hwy 290 in Hempstead, in Waller County, and shortly later at SH-6 the SUV veered into the lane of an on-coming 18-wheeler, causing the vehicles to collide head-on. The impact of the collision completely crushed the SUV’s entire front end and severely injured the vehicle’s driver, who had to be cut from the wreckage and rushed to an area hospital in grave condition. Unfortunately, the victim was dead on arrival at the hospital. The 18-wheeler came to rest in a grassy median after the collision and, though badly shaken, the big rig’s driver was not hurt. According to DPS troopers on the scene, the victim smelled strongly of alcohol and the cause of the incident remains under investigation, which will include routine autopsy toxicology tests. All of Hwy 290’s westbound traffic lanes were closed through rush hour, backing up traffic for several miles as the victim was removed, the troopers completed their on-scene investigation and the wreckage was cleared.

Obviously, if you are killed because you drove while intoxicated, there isn’t much help that can be offered. But, if you or a loved one is ever injured at the hands of a drunk driver please consider calling us. We have dealt with such cases for decades and we are very good at holding such irresponsible folks fully accountable.