Child Struck Crossing Residential Street

At about 8:20 pm on Tuesday, August 21st, a child was struck by a vehicle while attempting to cross Imperial Stone Drive, near its intersection with Imperial Lake Drive in north Harris County. According to Harris County Sheriff’s deputies on the scene, the child was having difficulty breathing after the collision and he was taken by family members to a nearby hospital to be checked out. Relatives on the street live across from each other and so the crossing back and forth of children of these families is a common occurrence. The driver was not speeding and remained on the scene and no citation was issued.

Fortunately, the child who was struck did not suffer life-threatening-injuries. However, this incident raises some important safety issues. First, children under the age of about 13 should not be allowed to cross any streets, residential or otherwise, without doing so at a crosswalk and/or having adult supervision. This is especially true at twilight, when visibility is diminished. Second, that said, it is a virtual given that kids living across from each other, especially kids who are related, are going to cross residential streets in a variety of unsafe ways. So, drivers in such neighborhoods should always drive slowly, paying close attention to what is ahead and all around them. Third, it’s just about school time again and all drivers need to be sensitive to kids playing or walking in and around streets or crossing them in large numbers. A tragedy can occur in the blink of an eye and it can be so easily avoided with anticipation and prudence.

If you or a loved one is ever injured in an incident like this, please consider calling us. We can assist in a full evaluation of the facts and a determination as to the proper allocation of responsibility.