Child Burned by Charging Cell Phone

Earlier this week, a Brazoria County mother of a 3-year-old girl reported that while her LG Tribute cell phone was charging, her daughter came into contact with it, sustaining two painful dime-sized 2nd degree burns on the inside of her right forearm. Running to the child’s aid, the mother determined that her cell phone was burned and melted at the charging port and it took a pair of channel locks to dislodge the seared charging cord. LG MobileComm, the manufacturer of the cell phone issued a statement that this had never happened before and that it would check the incident out. However, the victim’s mother further reported that LG has not asked for the phone and so she wonders what sort of investigation the company has in mind. In the meantime, the mother performed first aid on her little girl and has scheduled an appointment with the child’s pediatrician to have the burns examined and further treated.

Needless to say, cell phones should not melt nor catch on fire while recharging. If you or a loved one is ever injured in a similar incident please consider calling us. We have extensive experience with matters involving negligence and products liability and we can assist you in dealing with the consequences of either.