Big Hearts Matter Regardless of Where They Beat!

On the morning of Monday, April 22nd, a loving momma risked being burned alive to save her days-old baby as flames ravaged their home in Decatur, in north Texas. The brave momma, named Bella, was one of several ponies living in a nice, big barn with several other horses, some chickens and a few sheep. A fire started and moved so quickly inside the barn that all of the chickens and sheep quickly perished. The family rushed to try to save the ponies and managed to bring them away from the searing heat and falling, flaming timbers… but not before the heroic momma stood as tall as only a loving mother can and protected her baby foal, named Butterscotch, even as the flames licked at her side, burning off her hair and much of her skin. Bella sensed the fire spreading and backed Butterscotch into the protected back corner of her stall. Then, she positioned her own body to absorb the heat to save her baby. This allowed the family time to come in and pull them both to safety, with Butterscotch unharmed. Unfortunately, Bella’s burned side was so seriously injured it appeared likely that she would succumb. However, the family gave the two horses up for adoption through the Humane Society of North Texas because they knew they could not afford the vet bills it would take to save her.
The Society took immediate possession of the mother and daughter ponies and Bella receives daily disinfectant treatments while her burns heal. The cost of her therapy will run into the range of over $4,000 and the Society solicits donations from any who feel moved to help this wonderful momma recover. A spokesperson from the Society was quick to note that horses are terrified of fire and will escape from it any way they possibly can. But, Bella was not about to save herself at the forfeit of Butterscotch, no matter what her own pain or risk. She literally stared hell in the mouth that her baby might live. Love doesn’t come any sweeter or purer than that, my friends, and I encourage any of you who can afford it to thank Bella by chipping in a few dollars to make her well again. Bravery and loyalty like this deserve no less…
If you would like to contribute, please contact the Humane Society of North Texas, by phone at (817) 332-4768, Ext. 101 or 103, or online at the Society’s website, Any and all donations will be appreciated and when you visit the site, the photos of Bella’s side will make you wince. Maybe she’s just another Texas pony… but, in her badly burned chest beats a heart Man o’ War would have been proud of! Please consider helping her get well. Butterscotch will thank you and so do I.