5-Time DWI Driver Kills Father

It’s tragic enough that that a Houston husband and father was killed in a collision at the intersection of Telge and Boudreaux in northwest Harris County when a drunk driver shot through a stop sign in a large pickup and broadsided the victim’s vehicle at a high rate of speed on February 12th, two days before Valentine’s Day. But, sadness quickly turns to anger when one considers that according to a spokesperson for the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, the drunk driver, another Houston man, has four prior DWI convictions, three for felonies, and indeed the man is currently on parole for one of them. The drunk driver is now facing murder charges and, if convicted, faces a penitentiary term of 25 years to life. But that won’t bring the man he killed back or restore his shattered family.

It’s very easy, in such horrific circumstances, to go for the quick fix and say that after the first DWI this guy should have been given a long prison sentence or otherwise permanently parked. But, here’s the rub. Since our prison system already gobbles billions of tax dollars, we can’t lock up all of them. There are many potential options in solving this problem, but in the meantime, if you or a loved one is ever hurt by a drunk driver, please consider calling us. We will be most pleased to help you seek at least some measure of justice.