‘High’ Driver Murders Kind Woman

An older woman who was well known in her neighborhood for riding her bicycle out to remote areas to feed stray dogs even though she lived on a modest disability pension was murdered at about 6:00 pm on Saturday, July 11th as she was riding home from doing her daily kind act in northeast Harris County.

According to Harris County Sheriff’s deputies on the scene, the adult male driver of a vehicle was traveling in the blocks leading to the crash scene at speeds in excess of 100 mph and several 911 calls were received. However, before authorities could intervene, the speeding driver lost control and his vehicle veered into on-coming traffic and struck the victim’s bicycle tossing her high into the air before it then crashed into a tree.

The victim came down on the speeding driver’s roof, was then thrown to the ground, and she was killed in the multiple impacts. Witnesses, including some wrecker drivers, rushed to the driver’s crashed vehicle and pulled him out and stayed with him until deputies could arrive. The man was obviously high on some sort of drug, which deputies suspect was PCP.

He was placed under arrest and taken to an area hospital for blood tests. If the presence of drugs is confirmed, the driver will be charged with felony intoxication murder. The Harris County District Attorney’s Vehicular Crimes Unit is already working the case aggressively and issued a statement confirming that the arrested driver will be vigorously prosecuted. In that statement, the D.A.’s Office lamented that Harris County has led the entire nation in these sorts of incidents for over twenty consecutive years.

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